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Philosophy of God and Man
Spring 2010

Course Syllabus

1/9 - The Nature of Demonstration
(introduction to philosophy & St. Thomas, reason & revelation, the nature of proof, evident & self-evident propositions, the ontological argument for God’s existence)
1/23 - The First Way and Second Ways: From Motion and From Efficient Causality
(change, substance & accident, act & potency, form & matter, causality, types of causes, action, infinite regress of intermediate causes)
2/6 - The Proof from Contingency
(contingency & necessity, contingent beings as caused to be, the eternal-world hypothesis, essence & existence)
2/20 - The "Metaphysical Proof" from the Non-identity of Essence & Existence
(essence & existence, the relation between these, the non-identity of these, priority of existence, difference between God & creatures)
3/6 - Animate Being & the Soul
(substantial unity of living beings, the soul as form, operative powers, vegetative souls, knowledge)
3/27 - Sense Knowledge & Sense Appetite
(external sensation, internal senses, concupiscible & irascible appetites, animal activity)
4/10 am - Human Intellection and the Human Soul
(spirituality of intellect, acts of the intellect, object of intellect, signs of intellection, possibility of sub-human intellection, spirituality & subsistence of human soul, immortality of human soul, origin of human soul)
4/10 pm - Unity of the Human Person
(relation of soul & body, man as an animated body, soulís subsistence vs. the unity of man, personhood)

Audio Files (Spring 2013)

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